I’m Tom. A freelance motion graphics designer and CG artist, working for clients across London, the UK, and the world. I ran a studio in London for 6 years, and have since scaled back operations to be able to give projects the time and attention they need to stand out from the rest. I’ve had work BAFTA nominated, and won numerous Promax BDA Awards.

Motion graphics and CGI covers a broad range of projects. Broadcast advertisements, documentary graphics, corporate films, product launches, title sequences, explainer films and infographics to name just a few.

I work remotely (although I don’t like the term) from my custom-built studio… The word ‘remote’ suggests distance, hard to reach. The reality is that today’s technology allows me to connect to my clients with ease. Screen-sharing for feedback, Skype calls for meetings, and high-speed internet for file delivery… plus i’m only an hour away from London on the M40. In fact, becoming ‘remote’ has allowed me to work with anyone, anywhere, unrestricted by geographical location. Since moving out of London, my service has remained the same. And the best thing about it… I don’t have an excruciating morning commute on the tube. Nobody likes a tired freelancer!

Building my own studio has allowed me to produce the perfect working environment for CGI and motion graphics work. The studio contains a render farm, high-end workstations, network storage, high-speed internet and all the software and tools under the sun. It’s great, and allows me to produce high quality work, quickly and efficiently. I was once described as a ‘supercharged freelancer’, which was nice. My years running a studio have introduced me to some amazing designers and artists, who I still like to bring in on larger projects that need the extra talent. The efficiency and flexibility of a freelancer, with the quality and scalability of a larger studio.

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