A book that brings your old bricks to life! Advertising a book on TV is a challenge because the two mediums are so different. TV gives out direct images, books indirectly inspire them in the mind. In order to obtain impact on screen and get the audience’s attention we needed to bring the book to life! The idea was to show the moment when a boy’s imagination is sparked by a LEGO design. We dive into his imagination!

The Lego Play Book

Client: Penguin Books / DK
Agency: WeAreBranded (Havas Media)
Post Production/Animation: Hamilton+Kidd
Sound Design: The Station
Producers: Peter Hall, Christina Hermann
Copywriter: Jenna Walker
Art Direction: Hamilton+Kidd, Kim Majkut

If there was ever a good excuse to play with Lego, this project was it. We built the models in real life first, then recreated them in CGI.