This ‘challenge’ between 5 time formula one world champion Lewis Hamilton and the 2018 egg and spoon race winner was undoubtedly the sporting event of the year. The objective, to power up your printer and print 3 pages, using pedal power alone. Although the challenge played out live, additional graphics were tracked into the shots in post, to help show the progression.

Epson Power Bike Challenge

Client: Epson
Agency: Citizen Films
Producer: Zoe Waller
Creative Director: Rollo Hollins
Director: David Barr
DoP: Ben Coughlan
Art Direction: Fainche McArdle
Editors: Paul Reson & Hazel Baile
VFX: Tom Hamilton
Colourist: Cheat
Sound Design: Karl Mainzer

My VFX role carried through from start to finish. From on-set supervision alongside Lewis, design, tracking, roto, motion gfx… right up to delivery for grade.